Gold Ask: $1,795.53  oz
Silver Ask: $18.41  oz
Platinum Ask: $843.94  oz
Palladium Ask: $1,983.83  oz

SMG Bullion Gold Lease Program Video

Physical Gold Leasing Program

With a SMG Bullion Gold Lease, gold owners who want to earn dollars for the use of their gold are matched with businesses that use gold productively. This innovative gold fixed-income product is designed to reduce risk for the owner and be tax-efficient.

Put your gold to work. How much can I earn?

Earn up to 7% annually. Put your metal to work and earn income.

Investors benefit:
Leasing gold and silver from investors who own it and providing it to businesses who need it, typically for inventory or work-in-progress
Investors earn a return rather than pay storage costs on their metal.
Gold- and silver-using businesses benefit, as the lease is their lowest-cost capital.

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